Thursday, September 25, 2014

Anti-Vox > Anti-Vax

Another anti-vax post by Vox today. In it he reposts a quack's lies about a certain HPV vaccine. At the end he points out that reported cervical cancer rates haven't dropped off. A valid point, but not necessarily an important one. Total rates reported don't account for a lot of things. For all we know, screenings have doubled in that same time frame and without the vaccine we'd be looking at twice the amount of cases.

But that's not the important part. The important part is whether or not the vaccine is safe. Vox puts a link at the end of his post that he characterizes as a character assassination. At first glance that's exactly what it looks like. Then there's this:
"Furthermore, Dr. Dalbergue’s comments show his absolute lack of knowledge or insight into the safety of HPV vaccines. There is no evidence of Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome (GBS) being associated with the HPV quadrivalent vaccine. In fact, two massive epidemiological studies, one that included over 300,000 girls, and another with over 500,000, showed no significant major adverse effects after receiving the HPV vaccine. And that includes GBS."

The facts show that HPV vaccines are safe. They say the same for MMR, Chickenpox, Whooping Cough, and Tetanus vaccines.

Don't believe the quacks. Don't believe Vox.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Admitting Defeat

That's basically what Vox is doing here. He may think that he's the leader of some small resistance but he knows deep down that his hate-fueled philosophy is being smacked down across the board.

He lets his real feeling slip, "Nor are we even slightly mystified by why we have been losing for decades..."

Okay, maybe not an admission of defeat, but anyone can clearly see how wrong he is. If he was so confident about his little resistance movement there'd be no need to write the article? Does that sound like a bad argument? Because it's the same one he uses in that very post. There's irony for you.

The he has the balls to suggest that Penny Red turned comments off because she's not certain of her own victory. She turned comments off because that kind of post attracts comments from attention starved assholes with too much time on their hands. Nothing more.

"women are actively attempting to DESTROY culture"  This quote demonstrates that Vox is not only a misogynist, but a gynophobe as well. Where are women destroying culture? Is it Gillian Flynn? Margaret Atwood? JK Rowling? He says women are offering nothing people want. Have you noticed that Flynn has multiple bestsellers, two movie adaptions and one tv series on the way?

Maybe it's Maria Brink who's taken heavy metal, a traditionally male-fueled genre, by storm. Jennifer Lawrence, is she offering something culturally relevant? Movie-goers seem to think so.

MMA star Ronda Rousey is one of the top-drawing fighters in the UFC if not the absolute top.

Maybe he means politics, where we're very likely to have a woman presidential candidate.

Or maybe he's just completely fucking wrong. Women have done nothing but enrich culture at every turn.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Face of Sexism

Vox gets pretty much everything wrong in this post:

"the whole reason these "trainees" are brought along into the field in the first place is as science totty. Women in science, particularly attractive women in science, are handed every possible opportunity by their male superiors chiefly because those superiors are looking forward to the possibilities created by spending large quantities of time with them in exotic locations."

Umm, that's bullshit. Careers are made and broken on field research. No one's gonna risk that for the slight chance of sexual encounters. Plus, even if that were the case it doesn't make it okay to sexually assault the female scientists.

"She probably genuinely believes that her rapid advancement was solely because she was so "promising" and talented. This complete lack of self-awareness is perhaps understandable in a large-breasted weather girl, but it is both funny and sad that an otherwise accomplished scientist could be so inobservant."

So here's his opinion on a woman he knows nothing about and doesn't provide any facts for. It's far more likely that she's genuinely gifted.

"So, what can we conclude from the fact that they can't go out into the field without raping their female colleagues?"

Any other time, Vox would be quick to point out that sexual assault includes things other than rape. Doesn't make it acceptable, but statistically it's important that they used 'sexual assault' instead of 'rape.'

Also, the fact that 26% of female scientists had been assaulted in the field doesn't mean that 26% of field scientists have assaulted women. To figure out the total number of scientists that have committed sexual assault, you'd have to factor in all of the women scientists, plus scientists who have committed more than one assault on the women surveyed. Since we can't do that the number is impossible to conclude. Even so, it's not like a correlation between sexual assault and scientific integrity has been established. Plenty of really bad people do their job well. For instance, Vox is an excellent blogger...

Friday, September 19, 2014

First Amendment

"Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion..."

Seems pretty simple, but Vox apparently can't comprehend it. Forcing a person to pledge fealty to a god they don't believe in is about as far from freedom as it gets. Especially when it's a government job.

In fairness, Vox isn't the only one who doesn't understand the simple law written so long ago. But since he's got a 'genius-level IQ' he should hold himself to a higher standard.

God belongs to believers. God does not belong on currency, in our pledge of alllegiance, in our court oaths, inauguration ceremonies or military oaths.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

An Advocate For Child Abuse

In addition to advocating marital rape, misogyny, racism, homophobia and throwing acid in women's faces, we can now add child abuse to the list of things Vox simply doesn't mind.

When I first heard that Adrian Peterson was charged with abuse for spanking his son with a switch, I kind of shrugged. It's not something I'd ever do to my kids, but one parent ought not judge another. I know my parents had it a lot harder growing up. Being switched was once common practice.

BUT then I saw the photos. Keep in mind this is a 4 year old child. That's not long out of diapers. That's pre-school age. That's the time when you should be cuddling your kids and singing the ABC's with them. When you should be reading them bedtime stories. When you should be watching Curious George together.

Here's what you shouldn't be doing:

This is child abuse. Who 'spanks' their kid along the legs? That's flogging, not spanking. A spanking shouldn't be breaking the skin.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Purely Racist

"...a middle-aged white woman posing for a picture with her arms around a thuggish young African..." - Vox Day

That's how Vox described the above photo. So let's examine it shall we? The boy is 13 years old. I don't think being 13 qualifies him as a thug. He's wearing a blue tank top. Is that thuggish? I don't think so. He's holding something, a hat maybe? Not particularly thuggish. So what's left?

He's got dark skin. Yes, that must be it. And to be clear, Vox was describing the photo, not the actions of the boy. He didn't say that theft made him thuggish, but that implied that he looked thuggish based on the photo. So please, someone, explain to me how that can have to do with anything other than the color of this child's skin?

Now, it's not news that Vox is racist to anyone who's paid attention. But usually he hides it behind some 'logic' and points to 'observably true' stats. Here's an example from his FAQ:

"There is no question that there are divergent human populations; the genetic science is settled in this regard and only a scientific ignoramus would deny that race, in the form of a genetically homogeneous groups of homo sapiens exists. But to acknowledge the existence of racial diversity is not tantamount to a belief in general racial superiority. Each race has various strengths and weaknesses. None are intrinsically superior on average; the relative superiority of one race in comparison with another completely depends upon the metric selected. Ergo, I am not a racist."

Now I suppose he can just shorten this to "I believe black people are thugs. Ergo, I am a racist."  Because he's now admitted as much with the above quote.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Shout-Out

Despite being "banned" from his blog and not having posted in a while, Vox gave me a shout-out today as a "crusader troll." Which is a pretty good assessment, really. I troll the blogs of assholes, but it's still trolling. Of course, Vox considers anyone who stands against his logic a troll. Which means anyone who stands against bigotry, racism, homophobia, sexism and pretty much any other form of hate. The fact he thinly disguises it behind rhetoric (logic in his mind) doesn't mean it's not hate.

Oh, and congrats to No Award on its 5th place finish in the Hugos. It's nice to know that everyone who read his work realized its nothing more than amateur. You'll find better fantasy at any SFWA-qualified publication everyday of the week.