Sunday, November 3, 2013

Moon Landing Hoax

There was some recent discussion over at the Popoli about conspiracies. Of course, I already knew that Vox and his minions were conspiracy wackos. But I didn't realize they were also ignorant as to question the moon landings.

I won't go into detail here, because I don't need to. Phil Plait has did all the work for me. The moon landings were real and the evidence proves it over and over again.

Not only were the landings real, but the missions left laser-reflecting mirrors on the moon that are still in use by scientists on the ground. It's how we measure the changing distance between moon and earth. That's real, experimental data that proves the moon landings.


  1. Pox,

    Welcome back from your brief hiatus. Vox' sheep are a sad bunch who feel compelled to be argumentative about anything that deviates from his dogma. Even if it leads to complete nonsense like the moon landing discussion. It seems so sad that they are compelled to be so hostile at all times.

    Thanks for getting back in the saddle!

  2. Conspiracy wackos.

    What are you saying? There are no such things as conspiracy? Or only the ones you approve of?

    1. I'm saying there's such a thing as conspiracy wackos. Those are the folks that are always ready to believe a conspiracy even when it doesn't make sense. To them, conspiracy is everywhere.

  3. Replies
    1. Bahaha... yup. Once in a while to see how much activity there is, as I suspected, virtually none. Because this is a bitter, boring premise that only draws the morbidly curious, and we get bored.

    2. its actually a shame, in some way it was amusing to see pox's commentary on w/e.

    3. Not a ton of comments, but I'm getting enough views to warrant continuing. And I plan to.

    4. I'm sure. I doubt you have much else going on.

    5. "I'm sure. I doubt you have much else going on."